LG vs. Samsung – Which is The Better Washing Machine Brand in India?

LG and Samsung are both loved appliance brands in India. These two South Korean brands have offered home appliances, especially washing machines that suit the demands of Indian families. Moreover, both brands have introduced modern and innovative technologies to make laundry tasks more manageable for you.

Hence, the comparison between LG and Samsung is often common. As a result, many people searching for a new washing machine often end up being confused between these two brands!

But, here is the solution! In this article, you will get a detailed discussion on the comparison of LG and Samsung washing machines for making effective decisions.

LG vs. Samsung- semi-automatic washing machine

A lot of Indian homeowners prefer Semi-automatic washing machines. This is because such machines allow some manual intervention and often are cost-effective. Hence, both LG and Samsung semi-automatic washing machines remain in demand all over India.

Here is a comparison of the features available in semi-automatic machines for these two brands-

Wash programs

Both companies offer three to four washing programs in their semi-automatic washing machines. You will get programs like silk, regular, woolen, etc., in their models. Hence, their score is the same.

Soaking facility

In this case, LG is better than Samsung washing machines. Most LG semi-automatic washing machines come with a unique soaking feature; some models even have a particular soak station for tougher stains. LG machines also come with a special collar scrubber station which allows you to remove tougher collar stains from clothes. None of these features are present with Samsung washing machines.

Energy saving

LG and Samsung both offer energy-saving washing machines with 5-star ratings. So, you do not need to spend extra on electricity while doing laundry.


Both companies use high-grade plastic to build their washing machines to prevent rust, leakage, or other damages. Hence, the machines last for years without much trouble.


In the case of Price, Samsung is a clear-cut winner in this segment. Their semi-automatic washing machines are pocket-friendly and have a lesser price tag than LG semi-automatic models.


So, if you are on a tight budget, you can go for Samsung. But, if you need a soaking facility and scrub stations for tougher stained clothes, LG will be a better choice. But, the other features are more or less the same for both companies.

Inverter technology-

Both LG and Samsung use inverter technology for their front loading washing machines. However, while LG uses an innovative Inverter motor, Samsung machines come with Digital Inverter Motor. Even though these two inverter technologies are different, they are equally effective in cleaning a wide range of fabrics.

Noiseless motor

In this case, LG scores a little better; while both brands offer noiseless motors, LG uses innovative Direct-Drive motors; such motors reduce the vibration and cust down unnecessary noise during cleaning.


The higher RPM, the better cleaning for any front load washing machines. In the case of RPM, Samsung front load machines have a higher range than LG. Hence, Samsung machines offer faster cleaning and drying clothes with smoother spin cycles.

Smart diagnosis

Smart diagnosis is a unique feature of LG for controlling the washing machine through your smartphone. Besides that, it also allows you to fix minor errors during a cleaning cycle.

This feature is not available in Samsung washing machines. Hence, if you want to control your washing machine, you only have to choose LG machines.

Waterproof control panel

Only LG offers a waterproof control panel to prevent any accidents during cleaning. So, LG is a sure-shot winner in this feature.


While most LG machines offer 2 years of comprehensive warranty, Samsung offers 3 years. So, Samsung scores a little higher in the case of warranty features.


In the case of the price range, LG products are higher than Samsung front load washing machines.


If you want faster cleaning on a pocket-friendly budget, Samsung washing machines are ideal for you. But, if you want intelligent cleaning features, automatic washing machine cleaning, and other features, go for LG with a slightly higher price.

LG vs. Samsung Top load washing machine

Here is a detailed comparison of the Top loading washing machine features of LG and Samsung-

Inverter technology

All LG top load washing machines come with inverter motors. But, on the other hand, Samsung offers both Inverter and non-inverter top load washing machines. So, Samsung offers more choices than LG in motor technology.


Higher RPM means a faster spin cycle, resulting in fast cleaning and drying clothes. In this case, LG washing machines perform better with higher RPM than Samsung.

Smart features

If you want to control your LG top load washing machine through your smartphone, you can do it with the LG Smart ThinQ app. It also allows you to fix minor errors during the washing cycle. But, Samsung does not offer such features in any of their features.

Additionally, LG washing machines come with Auto Tub Clean mechanism to clean and sanitize the cleaning tub after each wash cycle. Unfortunately, it is also unavailable in Samsung models.

Gentle cleaning

While LG uses Fuzzy Logic technology, Samsung uses Wibble technology to gently clean fabrics without damaging them. So, both brands perform more or less the same in this case.

Noise level

In this feature, LG scores a little higher. In the case of LG and Samsung top-loading washing machines with Inverter technology, the noise level is the same. But, Samsung also offers washing machines without inverter motors which make more noise while cleaning. So, if you want noiseless cleaning, choose machines with inverter technology only.


In the case of warranty, Samsung is a winner with its three years of comprehensive warranty against two years of comprehensive warranty of LG.


Both brands offer good quality top load washing machines. While LG offers smart control with auto tub clean technology, Samsung offers easier cleaning with a better machine warranty. You can choose any of the brands.


 Both of these brands offer remarkable washing machines. If your budget is on the higher side, LG machines will be great for you. But, if you want a pocket-friendly washing machine with a better warranty, go for Samsung.

But, both of the brands are great, and you can choose any of the models as per your preference and personal cleaning routine.

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