10 Most Popular Pet Birds In India

In India, people have started adopting pets and now it has become a trend to adopt birds as pets. Birds are soothing, intelligent creatures and also do not require much maintenance like other pet animals. Most of the pet birds are super friendly, beautiful and their chirping sound makes the whole environment even more gentle.

10 Most Popular Pet Birds In India

A bird as a pet can bring joy into our lives and make the environment gentle and lovely. Here is a list of the 10 most popular pet bird’s in India that you can buy:-

1. Cockatiels

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Cockatiels are very beautiful, friendly, and charming. These birds look just like parrots but they are generally in yellow or orange and have a feather on their head. They are natively from Australia but now available in all parts of the world.

Reports suggest that if you go for Cockatiels, then you should buy them when they are just born or very young. Cockatiels generally do not talk but they are very intelligent and playful.

2. Budgies

Budgies are simple and one of the most loved species all over the world. Being extremely friendly, cute, and loving makes them perfect for families who want to adopt them. They change the nature and the vibe of the atmosphere with their nature. Budgies are also low-maintenance birds and quite intelligent.

Budgies are available in different colors ranging from yellow, blue, green, violet, and many more. These birds must be given properly portioned food.

3. Love birds

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Also called pocket parrots, they are from African countries and are now available in all parts of the world. These birds are highly charming, playful, loving and they form a deep emotional bond with the owner. The parrots are available in colorful colors and these colors tend to change over some time. These birds try to seek your attention by producing high-pitched sounds.

4. Pineapple Conures

Belonging to South America, these birds are found in Brazil, Argentina, and other parts full of forests and greenery. It is also very easily available in India. These birds are quite playful, mischievous, and sometimes cooperative. They love to spend time with their owners and require proper training.

Pineapple Conures generally have red feathers, a greenback, and the wings are of olive color along with a long tail which is Maroon in color.

5. Zebra finches

Habitats of Australia, Zebra finches love greenery and prefer to live near the waterside. They are now available in all parts of the world and also they are easy to maintain. These birds are perfect for people who are buying birds as pets for the first time. However, it must be kept in mind that these birds should be adopted in pairs. The cages of these birds must be a little bit big.

Female Zebra finches have black and white bar-type patches on their throat whereas the females have grey color patches. The birds have orange color beaks which makes them even more beautiful.

6. Dove bird

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Dove birds are available in more than 300 species. Native from Australia, these birds are friendly not so demanding, and generally playful. Dove birds have a very sweet voice and are not at all harmful.

These birds are available in different color combinations like white, orange, grey, or even purple. The eyes are generally deep dark and feet of dark purple color. It is very difficult to distinguish between males and females however the males are slightly bigger.

7. Hyacinth Macaws

These birds are also called gentle giants and they are one the largest parrots in the whole breed. Being social and friendly, they are fit as pet birds. They love the company of their owners and are generally playful and colorful. They are generally larger and try to catch your attention with their high-pitched voice. These birds are permanently green in color and they do not tend to change their color.

Hyacinth Macaws are very talkative and if trained properly, they will learn new words and small sentences.

8. Parrotlets

Originated from American countries, Parrotlets are colorful and joyful birds that are very small in size which is why they are also called pocket birds. These parrots often demand your attention and are very cute and small. These birds are available in green, blue, or other colors. Generally, one can very easily differentiate between male parrotlet and a female one.

9. Canary

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Native to the Canary Islands, these birds are now available as pets in almost all parts of the world. These birds are not so demanding, colorful and are a perfect choice for someone who is adopting birds for the very first time. With a melodious voice, these birds are available in many colors. These birds can also survive very easily alone in a cage. It is advised not two keep two male Canary birds in a single cage as they are very furious and may fight with each other.

10. Hahn’s Macaw

Among the Macaw breed, they are generally small in size and not that noisy. Hahn’s macaws are deep green and have some beautiful red feathers on their wings. When these birds turn into adults, their length is about 12-14 inches long. They are perfect if you want to adopt a sweet, charming, and low-maintenance bird.


This was all about the most popular birds which one can adopt in India. Most of these birds are available easily and do not require much maintenance. These birds can enhance your home environment and give you a great feeling.

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