FINDGO is an online portal that will connect the seller and the buyer in a never before the format. We will help you find the best people selling the best products at the best price. What makes F9DGO even more special is the way it works. We don't believe in providing you piece of information because we are not yellow pages, we don't believe in selling products online instead we believe in connecting the local vendors and customers by getting them together on a single platform, we also do not believe in telling you the location of shops because we are not GPS service provider; we are an amalgamation of all the three.


FINDGO's mission is to create a platform to promote local vendors and at the same time our aim is to provide customer all the benefits of online shopping.


FINDGO envisions creating a difference in the market and to become a leading service provider in terms of all the requirement of customer. Our vision is to deliver quality products and create a one stop shop when it comes to buying and finding products.


For Shoppers

  • Security:

    There are some “scam online stores” also, on those websites online shopping may not be safe, they may offer the products at low cost but might collect your card payment and personal details.

  • Hidden Charges:

    as the shipping charges may not be added in the product price and the display price may differ.

  • No Trail room:

    The size which you selected is not as per your requirement or you might have chosen the wrong size.

  • Quality & Right Product:

    is one of the main problem in shopping online. After getting the delivery of the product you may come to know that you have purchased wrong product.


  • Promote the offers

  • Technology Knowledge

  • No online presence

  • Don’t know how to promote

  • Don’t want to invest with different vendors


A web platform where shopkeeper can create web presence and buyers can start WALK-IN-SHOPPING …


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Search the best nearest shop on map as per your location


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Choose best shop with best offers . Direct connect with shopkeeper


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View shop profile or navigate yourself to check ’n’ buy product directly from shop.


Nearbystores is built-in with exact geo location which allows your customers to route and get to your store outlets the easiest way.


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Search Places/Shops/Best Offers

Add Favorites and follow Shops

Add Rating

Navigate from current location

Get notifications from favorites Shopkeepers about any new offer/product

Direct send a message/mail to shopkeeper

Shopkeeper cannot see the number and other details


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Create Profile

Select Keywords as per business

Add Products

Promote Products through Ads

Send offer mails to customers

Add/Edit Prices and Photos

Create Company Micro Site

Send referrals and get benefit like banner advertise/F9DGO! Suggestions, offer sends limit and more for every successful referral.


Stay always informed about your solution thanks to a beautiful dashboard .

Keep It Controle

The dashboard gives you full visibility of the use of the application. graphs and tables are present to give you a better traceability .

Support Multi Language

You can switch to your favorite lanquage with a simple click .

Manage Customers

As an administrator you have the right to manage your customers and their stores , depending on the type of subscription you offer you can restrict the rights to users .

Push Offers

The dashboard gives you full visibility of the use of the application. graphs and tables are present to give you a better traceability .

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We provide fast and reliable support to our customers, whether its an inquiry, troubleshooting, customization and special requests. If you need help with installation, just send us a message form this form .

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